CIRCLE TIME   ‘This has been fantastic training. It has given me the confidence and resources to try new ideas and activities for all ages in the Foundation Stage’  Nursery Manager    click here to read more

One of the most successful of the training programmes, Making the Most of Circle Time has proven to offer so much more in terms of ensuring links with all aspects of the early years foundation stage and the opportunity to have some fun.  A selection of resources that can be mixed and matched and extended to respond to the children’s interests and curriculum themes ensures practitioners have the confidence to be really creative.  Below are some examples of the impact this particular training has had on practice and outcomes for children:

01-Pre-school-playgroup-April-2009-.jpg 02-Circle-Time-April-2009.jpg 03-Something-in-the-bag-April-2009.jpg 04-Using-lycra-April-2009.jpg 05-Shapes-April-2009.jpg

PUPPET PLAY   We are delighted to be able to offer a selection of finger puppets that are beautifully made and quite special.    click here to read more

The puppets link with the  workshop The Magic of Imagination and the Story Time bags (see Creative Resources) that also include guidance and top tips for helping children create their own stories along with a host of ideas to extend, develop and celebrate story telling. 

Puppet-Play-Sept-2010-01.jpg Puppet-Play-Sept-2010-02.jpg Puppet-Play-Sept-2010-03.jpg Puppet-Play-Sept-2010-04.jpg Puppet-Play-Sept-2010-05.jpg Puppet-Play-Sept-2010-001.jpg

CHILDREN’S VIEWS   ‘A fantastic way of gathering the views of the children from Reception to Year 6.  The information provided has confirmed our own assessment at the same time giving us some new ideas.'  Headteacher      click here to read more

Designing a variety of activities with key questions ensures settings are able to capture children and young people’s views across a wide age span.   We’ve included examples from Feeling Safe at School and Parental Engagement.

Nursery-child-'what-I-like-to-do'-March-2010.jpg Nursery-children-'what-we-like-to-do'-March-2010.jpg Safeguarding-consultation-May-10-002.jpg Safeguarding-consultation-May-10-007.jpg Safeguarding-consultation-May-10-010.jpg Safeguarding-consultation-May-10-014.jpg Year-8-ideas-for-parents-March-2010.jpg Year-9-ideas-for-parents-March-2010.jpg

PARENTS’ VIEWS    'It was great to get parental views across. Everyone listened and it was very interesting to hear other people’s opinions. Thank you.’  Parent     click here to read more

Talking to parents and carers and capturing their views helps ensure parents are able to engage and support their children.  The consultation is the first stage, followed by a summary and report with key findings and next steps.  Here are just a few examples from the parents we spoke to:

Ideas-for-parent-engagement-March-2010-01.jpg Ideas-for-parent-engagement-March-2010-02.jpg Ideas-for-parent-engagement-March-2010-04.jpg Ideas-for-parent-engagement-March-2010-05.jpg Ideas-for-parent-engagement-March-2010-06.jpg Ideas-for-parent-engagement-March-2010-03.jpg