About Us

Having spent time working within children, young people and family services, we are aware of the critical factors that support children and young people's growth and development and, in particular, their enjoyment and achievement.

The adult role in initiating and supporting opportunities is essential and our aim is to make tangible links between professional development and practical application.

We also recognise the role of parents and carers as a priority in the successful outcomes for a child or young person and we develop ways in which we can work together wherever possible

Our aims:

Develop opportunities for professional development:

Actively reflecting upon and improving current and new practice through the introduction of new and exciting ways of working

Encourage enquiry & challenge:

Developing and exploring existing practices and solutions through constructive and dynamic questioning

Address key issues:

Continuous improvement to make the links with current priorities and policy changes

Information, Advice & Guidance

We aim to ensure that anyone working with Creativity in Practice has access to the appropriate support along with IAG, for more information click here for our IAG policy.



Verity Elliott

I have worked within education and children's services for overĀ 20 years and have established a well respected understanding of the needs of children, young people, practitioners, parents, schools and other providers. The importance of the quality of the relationship between adult providers and carers alongside a creative approach has inspired my belief in how we can make a difference for children and young people

My initial training in early years which I later extended to post 16 teaching along with a range of roles linked to service provision have provided me with the opportunity to take the best from a wealth of different experiences and approaches including planning and delivering projects and designing engaging and motivational training and development.


Work with us

We work with a number of associates that have excellent experience, knowledge and understanding to support the work we do together, and if you are interested in being part of our 'team' then do let me know.